About me

I'm Arthur, a 18 year old boy who lives in Belgium. I have many passions like gardening, photography, cooking, playing piano,... I love gardening because I'm fascinated by plants and how they grow out of such tiny seeds. I still can't believe how beautiful and amazing the nature is. With my story I hope to stimulate people to grow their own food and to be kind to nature so that we could work towards a better world.

That's me, Arthur!

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My story

I’m Arthur and I'm 18 years old. When I was still a little child, I was very passionate about all those seeds and plants. I didn’t understand how such enormous pumpkins could grow out of tiny seeds. I met an old man, his name was Fons and we became very good friends. He taught me several tips and tricks about gardening. I first helped him with his garden and later on I created my own kitchen garden with the easiest veggies to grow like zucchinis, pumpkins, carrots, radishes etc.

In his company, I learned more and more about this beautiful hobby. And then one day... my good friend died. I was very very sad about that but I decided to honour him by continuing his favorite hobby: gardening.

Every year I keep improving my gardening skills and this year I tried several "new" veggies like the famous cucamelon or even a cucuzzi squash. And with success! Everything grew much better than I expected! Last year I created an Instagram account to share all my beautiful moments with the world and to encourage people to start growing a garden.

Ah and I have a little anecdote that I want to tell you about. Two years ago I had very good grades in school and when my parents asked me what I wanted as present, I told them I wanted a bigger garden. And they were like "What? Is that everything you want?!"


My allotment is one of my favourite places; I prefer working in my garden than gaming like all my other friends. Gardening helps reduce stress and it produces delicious, organic and homegrown veggies! What other things does a man need to be happy? If everyone grew their own veggies, we could all work towards a better world and against the climate change.