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About me

Hi there! My name's Arthur, I'm 21 years old and live in Belgium. I have multiple passions like photography, cooking & playing piano, but the two main ones are aviation and gardening.


I'm an aspiring airline pilot and although I've the privilege of seeing Earth's beautiful landscapes from above, I'm always happy to be back in the garden.


Since my young age, I've been fascinated by plants and how they develop out of such tiny seeds. To me, nature is something incredible and I believe we should take care of her. That's why my goal is to inspire people to grow their own food in an eco-friendly way and discover a new passion with endless possibilities. 


My story

Everything started when I was 7. I met a 78 year old man from my neighbourhood named Fons. He was a passionate man: he not only grew an enormous vegetable garden, like his ancesters did, but was also a renowned music teacher. Every day after school and after my piano lesson with him, we walked into his incredible garden. He teached me everything about plants, from how to sow them to how I needed to harvest them.

He transmitted all of his knowledge, that was passed from generation onto generation, to me. I’m extremely thankful for that. He made it possible for me, to develop multiple passions like gardening, cooking and photography. I first helped Fons in his own garden and very soon afterwards, I grew some of the easiest vegetables inbetween the bushes in our family garden.

Sadly, Fons passed away on January 7th 2016 at the age of 85. I was very sad about that, but decided to honour him by continuing his favourite hobby, gardening, and by using the knowledge and skills he has taught me.

After his death, I asked my parents for a real vegetable garden, like the one Fons had. That’s how I started ‘Le Potager d’Arthur’ (Arthur’s Vegetable Garden in French) in Spring 2016.

I developed more skills and knowledge by growing my own food. And by doing this, I learned that a more sustainable way of living was possible. One day, I decided to share knowledge, skills, ideas and passion on social media and created a Facebook and Instagram page. Today, thousands of people follow my adventure and I’m grateful to be able to share my passion with the world, like Fons did with me. I would like to uphold this tradition of growing our own vegetables, like our ancestors did in the past, but foremost I would like to inspire people, especially the youth, to discover the world outside the digital one and to search back our roots in nature.


In February 2019, the French publisher ‘Les Éditions Eugen Ulmer’ from Paris contacted me as they were blown away by my vegetable garden of 15 m². They found it amazing how I could transform a dull patch of grass into an abundant paradise with tasteful vegetables, colourful flowers and delicious herbs. After months of hard work, I could proudly call myself an author.

On March 5th 2020, I published my first book 'Mon petit potager bio sur 15 m²'. 

In 2021, the Dutch version of the book came out at KKNV Uitgeverij: 'Een kleine biologische moestuin'.

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