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About me

I'm Arthur, a 19 year old boy who lives in Belgium. I have many passions like gardening, photography, cooking, playing piano,... I love gardening because I'm fascinated by plants and how they grow out of such tiny seeds. I still can't believe how beautiful and amazing the nature is. I started gardening because of ...

"With my story I hope to inspire people to grow their own food and to be kind to nature so that we could work towards a better world and against climate change." Arthur

My book - Mon petit potager bio sur 15 m²

Released on March 5th 2020
Translated to Dutch in 2021

Arthur is part of this young generation who speaks out and wants to act for the planet. His solution: the vegetable patch!


"If each one of us would grow his own vegetables, we could all work towards a better world and against climate change." Arthur Motté.


Arthur is 18 years old and has an abundant and beautiful little vegetable garden. His passion for gardening...